On this page we have collected some resources related to Universal Design of Learning (UDL).


List of literature on UDL, sorted by stakeholders (pdf)

List of literature on UDL, sorted by themes (pdf)


Skip Stahl at SIHO conference on UDL in postsecondary eduction

Katie Novak – introduction to UDL

Students experiences of Universal design for learning (5 minutes)

Dr. David Rose – From Universal to Personal: Teaching with universal design for learning in heart and mind


A Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Module for Postsecondary Education
(the Florida consortium on postsecondary education and intellectual disabilities, US)

The online module is interesting for academic staff who are searching to give better answer to the diverse interests, abilities, preferences,… of all the students in postsecondary education. It is free to use and gives academic staff an introduction to UDL, information on network-based goals, instructional methods, universal designed materials, as well as assessment. Throughout the module, examples are given of UDL applied in postsecondary education in the context of the USA.

In the module you also hear the voice of students on their diverse preferences and ways they learn best. In this way, you also get an idea what’s the benefit of application of UDL for the diverse student population.

Acces to postsecondary education through universal design for learning
(Colorado State University, US)

ACCESS was an initiative to promote Universal Design for Learning and Student Self-Advocacy.

Academic staff can find on this websites diverse resources to reach a diverse student population. They receive an introduction to UDL, quick tips, a self-assessment checklist and technical support to universally design different formats and materials. Academics can also listen to the benefits of UDL according to faculty at Colorado State University (USA).

Besides faculty, also students at Colorado State University tell in a short movie what they experience as benefits of UDL. The website also addresses self-advocacy skills for students in the context of universally-designed instruction. Students get information and tips, starting already for the transition into college.

UDL on Campus

CAST developed a website specifically on Universal Design for Learning in higher education. It is geared toward multiple stakeholders like teaching staff and people working at policy level (in the higher education institutions as well as government). UDL on Campus focuses on five areas. ‘Assessment’, ‘Selecting media and technology’, ‘Planning your course’ and ‘Teaching approaches offer information, illustrations and resources to academic staff. The section ‘Improving institutional policies and practices’ can be especially interesting for policy workers since it addresses legal obligations in the USA, offers materials to make sure to buy products and technology are accessible. Last but not least this part gives an overview of universities and colleges that already implement UDL.

Universal Design for Learning – Case stories
(ELIXR MERLOT initiative, US & Canada)

This initiative hosts (among others) eight case stories that highlight how faculty in higher education can apply UDL in their course preparation and design, in order to reach more students. The stories demonstrate exemplary teaching practices within the US context. This can inspire academic staff to try similar innovative strategies. In some stories you can hear how the students perceived this practice from their perspective.

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