Best Practice Guidelines

Finally, our Best Practice Guidelines are published on our website and ready for you to use as a tool in implementing UDL as a strategy for inclusion at your Higher education institution!


The guidelines are based on four focus group meetings with students, academic staff, management and student support officers, literature studies and lots of talks with stakeholders regarding their experiences.

We address a wide range of readers, with different experiences, roles, attitudes and ideas about how to address students diversity.We hope these guidelines will help you to start reflect about your role in this process, and our purpose is twofold:

Firstly, we want to embrace Universal Design and Universal Design for Learning as the best concepts for a flexible, creative and inclusive learning environment for the benefit of all learners, including you.

Secondly, we want to give you theory, perspectives and practical tools to challenge and change your everyday working methods.

Using our seven guidelines, you will learn about important aspects of introducing UDL as a key concept for creating inclusive learning. The guidelines address all the important stakeholders within a higher education institution, who in our opinion have a role to play in understanding and implementation of the concept.