Management workshop


In January the 19th – 20th., we arranged the third workshop. This time we invited management and leadership to share their perspectives, in Oslo, Norway. The participants was a diverse group:

  1. Some worked nationally in developing or influencing Universal Design
  2. Some worked nationally in influencing, developing or implementing Higher Education Policy
  3. Some worked in the management of a Higher Education Policy

In the third focus group meeting, our objective was to gain insight and understanding of the policy makers/managements knowledge and thinking when it comes to form policy, declare visions and to develop and implement strategies for universal design and inclusive learning in  Higher Education. An important project objective is also to investigate obstacles to the ideas, but most important, to find and share common grounds of these question between the partner countries in these matter.


Dissemination: December 3rd 2015

Handling in deadline: December 11th 2015

Decision: December 16th 2015

Workshop: 19th.-20th of January 2016

Funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union